Thursday, January 9, 2014

Character Design Assignment - Part 1

I decided to try and follow along with the assignments for the Character Design class I am TAing (teacher assisting). The first assignment is to write a short synopsis for a story and a character description.



Briggs has the passion of the greatest musicians to have lived, despite his very below average musical talent. One night after a particularly lame performance, Briggs is stopped by a mysterious man who tells him to go to the crossroads that very night at midnight. There he will meet someone who can give him the musical talent he always dreamed of.

That night Briggs finds himself speaking to a very cynical devil who decides to let him keep his soul at the price of his human body. Now the first thing to know about Briggs is that he is not the best looking man in the first place so his chances with the ladies were not going to get any better: musical talent or not. He agreed to the deal. The little devil gave him his musical talent and simultaneously turned him into a permanent werewolf.


Briggs is a tall werewolf with a long nose, pointy ears, and a passion for music. He is always working on some kind of tune and can be very awkward to talk to, but his music does most of the talking anyway. When he is around women his self esteem falls through the floor, but is immediately brought up through the ceiling once he gets on stage.


I have to look up some references still but I have some ideas about jazz players/blues players, New Orleans/Louisiana,  the south, and a kind of sepia world.

Here is my first draft of some references. Outfits, various potential instruments, color palettes, such as the colors for midnight, during the day, and of course whenever New orleans has a party.


Look forward to 50 silhouette thumbnails for Briggs the musical werewolf, coming up next as PART 2!!!

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