Friday, January 10, 2014

Character Design: Sketch Book Assignment 1: Master Copy

Sketchbook Assignment 1 is to do a master copy, and we were assigned Carter Goodrich. I thought I would study his werewolf design for Hotel Transylvania since I will be working on a werewolf of my own.

Here is my copy (taken with my cell phone) and then his original drawing (from his website: ). Looking at these, I need to adjust my values to match his better. And the back on mine isn't quiet there yet.


The 2nd part of this assignment is to do another drawing where we breakdown the character into simple shapes to understand the design of the character.

I probably went a little overboard but you can see how the character is made up of ovals and some thin rectangles. The character is very top heavy in his shoulder area leading into his head and has very skinny legs and arms; which are characteristics of an actual dog/wolf. 

As I mentioned yesterday I was little light on the values. I went back in and pumped them up. 

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